We offer a comprehensive design facility for Audio, Projection and Home Cinema projects. Our aim is not only to recreate that spine-tingling cinema experience, but to do it in a manner sympathetic to your home environment. If you wish to recreate your local cinema in your living room, we can help! However, if you would like a more discrete set-up in your Georgian Drawing Room without a speaker or screen in sight then our design team can come up with a solution with no compromise to the sound and picture quality. As well as the latest cinema audio technologies such as Dolby Digital, THX Ultra 2 and DTS, we can offer video projection systems including front and rear projection solutions.

As we are not a retailer, but a dedicated custom electronics installation company, we are able to choose the best systems on the market to provide a bespoke product specific to your performance requirements. All equipment is set-up and tested in our workshops, with the majority of the testing and programming done before we set foot in your home.

With increasing trends in home working and the modernization of living space, many customers require high speed internet connection, full cellphone coverage, intercom and much more. As the home office becomes more common place the need for flexible computing access to a secure, data network and reliable audio is prevalent in everyone’s lives.

D&T designs and installs fully integrated, bespoke and scalable networking systems that enable users to connect to external lines, transfer calls, page or intercom between rooms, even answer the door entry system from any one handset. Every element of the home can be automated from blinds to bio readers and even fish tanks! Customers can access a high-speed Internet connection from virtually anywhere in their home via their smart device or PC and even the latest networked gaming systems can be accommodated over the home network. The only limit is your imagination.

Lighting Control Made Easy! Having a custom designed and installed lighting system can greatly improve the ambiance of your home. However, controlling a system which comprises many separate, dimmable lights can become frustrating if there is not a well-designed, user-friendly control system. D&T can design and install a system of structured lighting control to make life easier. The system is surprisingly simple, with the control buttons labelled to your own requirements.

The system allows you to select from pre-set lighting levels (‘scenes’) to suit the situation; entertaining, eating a meal, watching TV etc. For example, if you are watching a film and prefer to have a cinema-style level of lighting, you just have to press the button marked ‘cinema’ and the lights will dim to your preferred level. Suitable wiring is required to achieve this level of control so it is preferable to install such a system during refurbishment or new building work. If there is a security system within the home, the system will happily interface with it. If there is no security system or as an addition to one, the controller has a provision to recall the previous weeks usage of lighting and reproduce it as an added precaution while you are away. This gives the natural patterns of use one would only find from truly replayed usage.

A well designed Multi-room Hi-Fi system can provide you with almost limitless audio possibilities. The system would allow you to play any music from streaming services, radio or even CDs to the speakers installed in your home or office. Music can be accessed from any chosen room by simply pressing a button on a keypad or tablet. The level of quality can also be chosen to be anything from background music to a close reproduction of the London Philharmonic in your living room. Speakers can either be freestanding, built into joinery or fixed into a wall or ceiling for the ultimate discretion. A flexible wiring system allows for a modular design. This means a house can be cabled relatively inexpensively and the wiring later used to provide music in any room. There are several manufacturers of multi-room audio and video equipment and we can select the most appropriate products to provide you with a high quality and cost-effective solution. These systems can be expanded and modernized through the years, buildable packages for any level of audio you desire.

We at D&T understand the complexities of the systems we offer and that the clients usually do not have the time to return these items to us if they fail. We currently offer a comprehensive cover or maintenance contract to our clients at time of installation so that if due to the unlikely event of a product failing, we would come to site to assess the faulty product, return it to the manufacturer for repair/replacement, and finally return it to site, re-install and test it.

Guarantee or warranty, it is important to outline the difference between these. Guarantee: – A manufacturers guarantee usually lasts for a minimum of a year and covers the parts and labor for a products repair if it were to fail during this 1st year period. Most manufacturers will replace an item if it were to fail within a three-month period. Warranty: – A manufacturer’s warranty will cover the cost of spare parts needed to repair the unit, but the labor cost will be passed onto the client. Both Guarantees and warranties offer a return to base cover i.e. the client would have to return the product to the supplier, namely D&T so that we can return the faulty product to the manufacturer for repair.

We prefer to be involved in all aspects of the project. One important factor is the time scale, essential to the planning of the project. We like to make regular checks on site to ensure all the relevant cabling is being run to the correct points and all is running smoothly. Equally when there are design changes we will be on hand to advise if this is possible and what the best solution would be.

Equally as important, is for the client to be dealing with one person throughout the project. We would assign a personal project manager who would liase with the client on all aspects of the project and he/she would be responsible for making sure all relevant parties are updated with any changes made during the project.

For the majority of our customers who have made significant investment in home entertainment, lighting and control systems, a fully integrated security system is a must. Our control systems can be designed to conveniently interface with all security system functions covering CCTV and entry cameras, door and gate closure, intruder and fire alarm sensors, intelligent access control systems, even remote system monitoring over the Internet. In addition, the control system can be set to automatically switch on and off lighting, activate entertainment systems, raise and lower blinds to create that real lived-in look when owners are away.

Unique to D&T is our ability to work cohesively with all trades involved with construction projects. We at D&T Electronics believe it is important to be able to utilise all the relevant trades and standards that are used whilst a project is being undertaken. It gives us the tools to be able to accurately talk and be part of the design process. We use the AutoCAD drawings and add the system design layout onto these. This helps us finely tune the customer’s requirements and inform all the involved trades of the client’s aims.

Along with CAD design we have a specialist team who are able to design and code your bespoke home automation system. Systems like Control 4 require complex coding knowledge to create an entirely individual system designed for your home or office. Our friendly team are always eager to please and always up for a challenge so if you have any project in mind do not hesitate in contacting us!

The systems that we cater for are as suitable for the professional market as they are for the home. In fact, there are plenty of our client’s homes that are more sophisticated than the majority of most small to medium businesses. The cross over between the home and office has disappeared. Both now have networks, projectors and distributed audio-video, door entry and security. There are differences, usually cost, size of the project and deadlines. We thrive under pressure and bespoke needs of any space whether big or small!